"Wow. What a powerful experience! Songs for One is a profoundly intimate and meditative performance." - J.H.

"[It was] like stepping into a safe space with a good friend. I felt supported and free to be myself, that I would be accepted no matter what." - Amelia W.

"A truly unique experience. [Jen's] presence is warm and inviting...[the] songs beautiful and touching. I walked away feeling inspired and uplifted. This  was 20 minutes of stillness we can all use." - J.J.

"It was much more touching and deep than I was expecting. It was so deeply personal and intimate...such a unique concept." - Lori F.

"One-on-one in this city is so rare.... One-on-one with an artist even more so. I think more people should experience [it], and Jen is the perfect artist to do so. Attentive, creative and connected." - Mindy R.

"It felt like a light in the darkness for me. I felt inspired and comforted. We need more positive face-to-face, one-on-one connection in this very uncertain time." -K.D.

"I was a little skeptical because of the unknown nature [of the performance]. It blew me away from the very beginning.... Truly incredible."  - Anonymous

"I have never experienced such an intimate concert...whatever [my expectations] were, the experience exceeded them! It was welcoming, warm, challenging, and moving." - V.M.

"Jen is talented in so many ways, bringing all of her skills together, giving a gift of music that's so personal and delicate. It was magic." - Anonymous

"The experience I had was intimate, caring, connected, and giving. I felt loved and peaceful." - E.D.

"This is a gift. I felt seen and held. The song choices spoke to me and my current situations and relationships...I slowed down and gained perspective. " - Leigh Ann C.

"It's beautiful, it's unique, and it's real, live human connection." - R.A.J.

"I felt connected, introspective, hopeful, understood, inspired. It was a wonderful journey." - Rebecca V.

"This experience was deeply profound & personal. It provided an emotional release that I desperately needed. It made me feel hopeful. I would recommend this to anyone who loves to be moved by art and music. So eternally grateful for this experience." - M. A.

"[I felt] empowered, seen, worthy of love, and reminded of my inner self and innate wisdom. So intimate and special....Thank you doesn't suffice." - Emily S.

"It was visual, auditory, tactile, articulate, personal, interpersonal, resonant, unique, original.... Perhaps more important than how it made me feel might be that the experience encouraged, permitted and created a safe space for me to feel what I was feeling...." - Donald B.

"There's nothing like being in the room with the musician, but then to receive the words so directly? It's magical." - Kat G.

"Magical, inspiring, lovely." - Lenore K.

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